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House rules

House rules 
Welcome to our holiday apartment: MiLa Home! Thank you for choosing our Home for your holiday! We know you deserve a fantastic holiday, so we try our best to make it perfect for you!
We hope you will like our apartment as much as we like it and you will have a great holiday!

For programs, events in the area, please check our facebook site >>>

Please read this info booklet carefully and if you happen to have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us!
It is self explanatory, that before you take the accommodation, you accept the terms and conditions in our Home.  

Personal data: Upon arrival you have to hand over your travel documents,  immunity certificate for registration purposes.   

Fire: It is strictly forbidden to light fire, smoke, use candles, matches in the house. If emergency occurs, please call immediately the
Fire department: 112 (speaks English)
Mila Home address is: Zamárdi, Fogas street 1.
After this, please start the fire fighting yourself: you can find fire extinguisher in your apartment.

Cleaning: The final cleaning is 50 Euros. You are kindly asked to keep the house and surrounding area clean. The final cleaning cost does not contain cleaning of extra dirt caused by not intended use. For cleaning such dirt we will charge you extra (150 euro).

Illegal activities: It is forbidden to do any illegal act in and around the house. (taking, selling drugs, prostitution, murder, etc). We kindly ask you to avoid such activities here (and everywhere else). 

Quiet times: no loud music, chat after 9 pm. To guarantee the good relationship between neighbors and guest we use a sound meter. If repeated alarm occurs we will kindly ask you to leave the apartment without compensation.

TV: It is a smart TV, you can watch HBO GO, YouTube and internet.

WIFI: you will get the wifi code after check in. You can use it as you wish except for illegal activities and downloading huge files.

Barbecue: you will find a ball grill in the garden, You are allowed to use it on the balcony, but it is strictly forbidden to use in the covered parts of the garden. Please clean the grill after use immediately using the wire brush or next day using the detergents supplied. If the grill part is cooled enough, you can put it in the washing machine. When hot, it is forbidden to spray cold water to the grill, as thermal expansion ruins them. When finished with the barbecue, please cover the ball grill with the appropriate lid to avoid sparking.

Food: Please do not leave leftovers in the kitchen when leaving. Nobody is willing to eat your tin beans and we feel pretty bad throwing away food.

Dustbin (blue-general waste): The blue dustbin is for general waste and is being emptied twice a week, according to the waste calendar,  so please place the dustbin outside the gate the night before collection. Please bring your own thrash to the bin in a sealed plastic bag (provided). Do not put waste into the trash bin without putting them to a plastic trash bag. We really enjoy having guests, but washing the bin after used nappies is not our favourite activity... 

Selective waste: Please put your selective waste (paper, glass and plastic) to the appropriate collecting bag next to the gate. Please put the bag outside according to the trash calendar the day before collection. You will get empty bag in return. 

Dishwasher: Please use the dishwasher: it is time and water saving and cleans your dishes perfectly while you enjoy your coffee outside!

Air conditioning: As this is a holiday home, it is likely that the weather is hot when you are here. We have installed air conditioning for your comfort. Using them is quite expensive though. Please use with care.

Bedclothes. Please do not remove mattress protector from the beds, as the mattresses are new and we all know incidents happen... The bed clothes are always clean and machine dried.  Any bedding with irremovable stains must be fully refunded.

Dogs: Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed in the apartment or the garden!

Extra guests: it is prohibited to invite non announced guests. If you wish to invite guests, please contact us.

Liability: You are using our property at your own risk. If you or any family member suffers any accident, injury, we are here to help, but all responsibility is completely yours.

Burglary: Burglary can occur while you are our guest. We are very sorry if such event occurs and are here to help, but it is your own responsibility to insure all your belongings. We do not take any responsibility for your belongings. To avoid burglary we kindly ask you to close all windows and doors when leaving the apartment.

Garden: the two apartments have separate garden area. Please keep this in mind.

Faulty equipment: We try our best to keep everything in clean working condition. If you find something faulty or dirty please let us know immediately so we can solve the problem!
Lost keys: if you lose the keys, the replacement costs are Eur 150.

Any damage caused in the apartment or house is your full responsibility meaning you have to refund the total cost of the damaged object. You are also fully responsible for the damage caused by your children. It is forbidden to remove any furnishing from the house as this is considered theft and immediate legal actions will take place.

If you do not keep the house regulations, we will have the right to stop our service and you have to leave the apartment immediately without any compensation. In this case no refund will take place and we will report the issue to the police Any other issues occurring Hungarian law is applicable. 

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