House rules

Personal data: Upon arrival, you are obliged to hand over your personal documents (passport or identity card, immunity card) to the owner for data registration If not we are not able to let you in.
FIRE Any flammable activity inside is strictly forbidden: do not smoke, light candles, etc. If fire does occur, please call the firefighters immediately: 112 (address: Balatonhenye, Öreghegy, Szarkó) and start extinguishing. You will find a fire extinguisher in the house. Help the firefighters get to the scene by one of you waiting at the main road.
Intended use: The building and equipment of the accommodation must be used as intended, in compliance with fire and accident protection rules. Any damage caused will result in a full liability.
Cleaning: Final cleaning of the house 50 Euro. Guests are responsible for keeping the accommodation clean and normal condition. The final cleaning price does not include the cleaning of dirt from improper use, for which we are entitled to an extra price (150 euros).
Illegal activities: All illegal activities in the house are prohibited. Drugs, prostitution, murder, etc.… Please don’t do things like that here (either). These acts will result in a police complaint.
Party: Silent hours are between 10 pm and 8 am. There is a noise monitoring system in the house: If the system reports, we will ask you to follow the rules. If repeated event occurs we will kindly ask you to to leave the accommodation immediately. If you want to party, choose our MilaHome Zamárdi accommodation!
TV: There is a smart TV on which YouTube and internet TV shows can be watched. If you need any support, we will be happy to help!
WIFI: you will receive the code when you check in to the accommodation. You can use it for pretty much anything except downloading huge files. All illegal content consumption is strictly forbidden.
BBQ : you have a ball grill that you can use in the garden. It is FORBIDDEN to use the grill indoors (or covered parts of the terrace). After use, please clean the oven: you will also find a wire brush for this. If you happen to be tired to do this in the evening, you can clean it the next day with a cold degreaser and grill cleaner. Believe me, warm it takes approx. 3 minutes. It is forbidden to pour water on the grill  when it is hot, because it will deform One last request: when you have finished bbq, please put the protective cover on top to avoid any accidents. Fire is prohibited everywhere else.
Leftovers: Please do not leave any food in the kitchen after leaving. 
Trash: Please take your trash out of the house, don't leave any trash in the building when you leave. Please use garbage bags provided. We collect garbage selectively, please join us.
Dishwasher: please use it because it is more economical than manual dish washing and cleaner as well. In addition, you can have coffee on the terrace while you do the dishes. You will find a dishwasher tab and coffee capsules in the kitchen!
Water: There is tap drinking water in the house, which may be natural to you, but it is a great rarity in the area. However, there is no sewer, we have to collect the sewage - please use water sparingly.
Beds, sheets. The beds have new mattresses. As there are a lot of children in the house, there is a mattress protector on the beds. It is also in your interest not to take them off. Unfortunately, we have to change the bed linen stained with food, flicks, etc. - the cost of this must be reimbursed. When you leave, please pull down the bed linen and put it in the bags provided.
Dogs: Dogs and other animals are allowed to stay at MilKáli. The supervision of the dog is your responsibility and the damage caused by them must be fully and completely compensated. (If they chew on the corner of the bed, not the corner, but the whole bed...)
Electric  fence: The area is protected by an electric fence from hungry animals in the area. As long as you are with us, it is your job to close the electric gate. The current in the electric gate is not dangerous. If you forget to close it and have a family of deer at night for dinner, their dinner is on you.

Responsibility: you use all objects, tools and everything in the holiday home at your own risk. If you or a member of your family is involved in an accident and is therefore solely responsible, we will not be liable.

Burglary: Burglary can happen while you are on vacation here. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover your assets and objects, it is your responsibility to protect them. We do not take responsibility for personal valuables brought into the property (eg jewelry). You are obliged to take care of your personal belongings and valuables, if you leave them at the accommodation, you must take responsibility for their possible disappearance. If you leave the accommodation, it is mandatory to close the door and windows.
Faulty Devices: Unfortunately, we often have little time between the departure of one guest and the arrival of another. Although we will try to review everything in this case, if any tools or equipment are dirty or not working, please let us know immediately so that we can solve the problem!

You are fully financially liable for all damage to the house, ie you are obliged to compensate for any damage you may have caused. It is forbidden to take tools and equipment out of the house, this is considered theft and will result in a report, as well as will any illegal activity.

Guests can only be invited to the property with the permission of the owner and must leave the property by 21:00 at the latest. No one other than registered guests may stay after 21 pm at the property.

The owner has the right to refuse the accommodation if the guest does not follow the policy and if he breaks the peace. In this case, the full amount will be charged and the guest cannot claim any compensation. In matters not regulated by the policy, the Civil Code. is applicable.

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