MiLa Home Balatonhenye - 60 sqm old press house located in a picturesque vineyard

For who?

Great for families, friends, digital nomads, who wants to spend their time out in the nature away from the hustle and bustle. 

Who else?

We welcome your four legged family members as well. The area is only protected by an electric fence so you might need to look after them.


What else?

The vineyard is located in a National Park so you will spend your holiday with rabbits, birds and deer.  You will be fully recharged after some days here.


In the Káli basin in the most hidden village. The vineyard is located near the tourist and bike routes and of course wineries. 


About MilKáli

Some years ago we fall in love with this area while cycling around the Kali basin. We were dreaming of having a tiny house here - and some years later the dream came true. 
The history of the press house is as charming as the place itself. We hope you will also fall in love with it!

  1. All the people can get together conveniently. There are many seating areas around to enjoy being together or being alone with a great book. Maximum number of guests: 8 
  2. While adults enjoy talking on the balcony, kids can freely play in the wildly romantic garden surrounded by nature.
  3. The house is all yours - you will be on your own, but this means, you will have some daily tasks to do (like opening and closing the electric fence).
  4. Free wifi and a smart Tv is in the house if you wish to watch a great movie after a long trekking day.
  5. The town itself is quiet and this makes it a great holiday destination. In the middle of the Balaton National Park you can fully relax and recharge. 
  6. Tapolca, Szigliget, Balatonfüred, Tihany are all 20 minutes  away by car. 
  7. No smoking in the house. Fire is only allowed outside. A ball grill is provided - outside this it is forbidden to set fire.

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