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Balatonfűzfő town

Balatonfűzfő is a small, quite city with a lot of activities:
- Fövenyfürdő Beach: real Balaton beach with shading trees, pedalo, slides, baby area, playground, etc.
- Tobruk beach: Small beach, beautiful view, mainly for families with small kids. Sandy football and volleyball court
- Promenade: Starting from one beach going to the other: amazing views, playgrounds. Great evening activity.
- Bike paths: Round the Balaton bike route is crossing Balatonfűzfő. You can rent bikes in Balatonfűzfő
        o Easy Balatonfűzfő__ Balatonkenese (1 hour)
        o Medium: Balatonfűzfő _ Balatonalmádi (2 hours)
        o Medium: Balatonfűzfő- Balatonfüred ( 6 hours)
        o Difficult: Balatonfűzfő – Tihany - Balatonvilágos
        o Full day: Balatonfűzfő- Füred – Tihany – Ferry – Szántód -Siófok- Balatonfűzfő
        o Balatonfűzfő –Litér - Veszprém – Balatonalmádi – Balatonfűzfő
- Swimming pool: Nike Sporttelep – Olympic swimmingpool
- Tennis: You can rent a court with or without instructor. Mr Gyula Szabo: +36303142880.
- Observatory: Every clear night: subject to registration in advance - please ask for help
- Balatoni Bob
- Paintball , Adventure park
- Litér Market, every saturday
- Balatonalmádi: every Saturday
- Tihany
- Káptalantóti
- Veszprém: Sundays: flohmarkt 8200 Veszprém, Kistói és a Házgyári út
In Fűzfő you can find only some small shops so it is advised to shop in Veszprém Interspar/ Tesco for your stay and then just enjoy your holiday!

Aldi store is in Balatonalmádi - 5 minutes by car

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