MiLa Home Balatonfűzfő

120 sqm wooden chalet in Balatonfűzfő

For who?

Great for families, friends, digital nomads, who wish to have a holiday, want to work or relax near lake Balaton. 

And who else?

We welcome your four legged friends as well. Please contact in advance.


What else?

The house is located in a beautiful garden surrounded by  huge trees providing natural shadow in the summer heat. 


Please come to us only if you do not mind being away from the hustle and bustle. The beach is 2 km. 


About MiLa Home Balaton

If you wish to spend some precious time  with your family of friends near the Balaton Lake -  MiLa Home Balaton is your place! 
After a lot of travelling experience we designed MiLa Home Balaton to be perfectly equipped with all what you need during your holiday.  MiLa Home Balaton is away from the hustle and bustle in a peaceful neighborhood. You will be perfectly recharged after your holiday!

  1. A lot of people can get together conveniently. There are many seating areas around to enjoy being together or being alone with a great book. Maximum number of guests: 14 (maximum 10 adults and 4 addition children) 
  2. While adults enjoy talking on the balcony, kids can freely play in the garden surrounded by huge trees.
  3. Your apartments has it's own entrance, but please note that we have a separate apartment in the basement for our own use.
  4. The house is air conditioned with dishwasher and washing facility. We provide free wifi.
  5. The town itself is quiet and this makes it a great holiday destination: there are 2 beautiful beaches, tennis courts, olympic swimming pool, activity park, playgrounds, etc.  
  6. The town has it’s own observatory if the stars in the balcony are not enough for your curiosity - book an event!
  7. Veszprém and Balatonfüred are 20 minutes by car.
  8. The house is located in a quiet residential area so it is ideal for guests having their own car. 2-3 cars can park in the garden and additional 1 car can park on the street for free.
  9. We provide 2 baby chairs, 2 cots and 1 baby bath.

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